Monday, 20 October 2008

ZomCon - "A Better Life Through Containment"
Thanks to Zomcon we can all be productive members of society. Even after we die

The ZomCon Corporation (Zombie-Containment) is a privately owned defense company contracted to provide security for the US Government. ZomCon's mission is one of "reclamation" - the cleaning up & cordoning off of territories, fencing off entire towns and communities from roaming zombies, and re-establishing community infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, police/fire services, and stores. ZomCon's Reclaimed/ Protected Suburbs are widely perceived to be the safest places to live and raise a family.

ZomCon has built many "Showcase Suburbs" over the years, complete with the latest in security- surveillance cameras, panic buttons, rogue zombie alarms, public emergency information speakers, and regular armed patrols! In the age of zombies, can you afford to not live in a ZomCon Community?

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