Friday, 3 October 2008

"The Ghost Map" & a few other interesting bits of scientific news (and speculation)

Iran is sinking as groundwater resources disappear (just like I saw was happening to Jakarta, Indonesia, on Foreign Correspondent a couple of weeks back... [more]
The papers of the charismatic and highly controversial founder of crime scene investigation in Britain offer some fascinating social and scientific vignettes ... [more]
UFO research has never achieved legitimacy because the very possibility of extraterrestrial visits pose too many metaphysical problems for the nation-state ... [more]
The media isn't really interested in genuine public-health interventions to address social and lifestyle causes of disease ... [more]
As the global food system reaches its natural limits, it's time to rethink genetic engineering ... [more]
Stars can migrate great distances, which has implications for the idea of galactic habitable zones ... [more]
Check out five projects that are expanding the boundaries of science through video games ... [more]
Would you rather date a human or a chimp, asks a book looking at what makes us uniquely human ... [more]
Peer-reviewed publications were once the best way to disseminate research information, but that was before the Internet ... [more]
Does the burgeoning area of neuroethics offer more than just a chance to repackage old theories to get new grant money? ... [more]
Introducing medical terms, concepts, and practices into areas of social or personal life can be inappropriate or downright wrong ... [more]

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