Saturday, 18 October 2008

"Library. We're open but we are in the middle of a FEMA and FBI practice drill"

"The video and article Antioch Confidential examines the closed control and destabilization of Antioch College by Antioch University. Antioch Confidential documents the damage to educational processes when 'control' is mistaken for 'leadership', and 'command' is confused with "vision." The events taking place at Antioch College are a case study of recent trends in higher education today. The article and video are available for free use by librarians, teachers, educational workers and citizens concerned with the seizure of shared resources for private interests".

"The collapse of the social distance between private space and public knowledge can be seen in the video Antioch Confidential, a companion to this article. Among other things, the video demonstrates a surrealistic mix of control and openness as Antioch College Library staff keep the Library 'open' during a Homeland Security training exercise run by a 'private' military contractor in June, 2007".


Trying to save Antioch College
AKA: What happens when your college "takes too many blows to the head"

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