Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Space Jockey

Following an earlier post by NHuthnance on the life cycle of the Xenomorph, I could'nt help but reproduce the following speculations (by Darkness on the AVP Galaxy site) on the significance of the Space Jockey (especially interesting, Ridley Scott's ideas for a fifth Alien film).

The Space Jockey was seen in the first Alien movie when the spaceship, Nostromo landed on a then-unknown planet to answer a distress call. Members of the crew found a derelict spacecraft with a fossilized Space Jockey inside and it appeared to be the pilot of the ship. The creatures haven't been seen in any of the Alien sequels since "Alien" but have featured in the video games and comic books. The Space Jockeys have been theorized by fans to be the original creators of the Xenomorphs. HR Giger originally designed the derelict spacecraft and the Space Jockey and originally named the creature "The Pilot". The "Alien" production crew, however, nicknamed the creature "The Space Jockey".
Physiology: In "Alien", the huge creature can be seen sitting in front of a large telescope, believed to be the command of the ship, and it was fossilized. It's not known how long it had been there but it was probably a very long time with it being fossilized. The Space Jockey seemed to be growing out of the chair behind the telescope - as if the creature and the chair had been fused together. It's rib cage was bent outwards which meant a xenomorph creature had emerged from it. It's not known what happened to this xenomorph.
Theories: It's speculated that the Space Jockeys created the xenomorphs as a weapon. There are many things to support this. The Alien Eggs in the cargo hold were held in stasis in a blue layer of light. It appears as if the Space Jockeys were transporting the eggs somewhere. The Space Jockeys and the derelict ship also look similar to xenomorphs which would support the theory that the xenomorphs had been created by them. The director of "Alien", Ridley Scott also spoke about this in the DVD commentary. He believes that the xenomorphs were created as a weapon and that the derelict spacecraft was in fact a transport vessel.
Another theory, is that the Space Jockey in the derelict spacecraft had escaped from its homeworld which had been overrun with xenomorphs and the creature itself had been infected with a xenomorph. In which case, the derelict crash-landed on the planet. This doesn't explain however how the alien eggs were in the cargo hold.
In the film "Alien vs Predator", it's shown that the Predators breed xenomorphs for hunting purposes. It's not known if there is any connection between the Predators and the Space Jockeys or even if they had contact with eachother. One theory is that the Predators could have been responsible for the derelict crashing on LV-426.
Technology: The Space Jockeys are a technologically-advanced race of creatures. That is clear. They were able to send the distress call/warning beacon which reached the Nostromo. The Space Jockeys are also responsible for building the derelict spacecraft. The derelict, itself, is a large, asymmetrical, wishbone-shaped spacecraft and it has three large entrances near ground level. Members of the Nostromo entered the ship through one of these when they investigated the ship. Inside of the ship, the passages looks very organic and even xenomorph-like. The Space Jockey was sitting behind a huge telescope which many believe to be the bridge of the ship. Then there's the blue layer of light covering the eggs in the cargo hold.
Future: The future of the space jockeys is unknown. The derelict craft was seen in the special edition version of "Aliens" when a family went to investigate it. It's very possible that derelict spacecraft has been destroyed since then when the atmospheric processor blew up. Ridley Scott has said numerous times that he'd like a future Alien 5 movie to explore the space jockeys and go back to their homeworld. This would have to be a prequel of sorts though.


robert said...

I always thought that the eggs found in the Space Jockey's ship were laid by the alien that hatched from the space Jockey.

In order of events; The Space Jockey gets implanted with the alien somewhere along its journey. The alien hatches, killing the Space Jockey. It lays the eggs and eventually dies. The eggs lay dormant until the humans disturb them.

The only thing I can't explain is the blue light covering the eggs.

robert said...

Also, I have thought that a logical step for the humans would be to locate the source of the aliens. To do this, they would need to study the Space Jockey's ship to find out where it picked up the aliens.

I think this would make a great movie. They could have the humans trace the Space Jockey's journey backwards. Perhaps they could encounter worlds ravished by the Xenomorph aliens.

Imagine a few good aliens surviving on some remote islands while their world has be overrun by the Xenomorphs. Perhaps the humans could save them.

Perhaps they could find worlds in ruin, with nothing but Xenomorph eggs. Perhaps this is where the Predator's pick up their eggs for their hunts.

Eventually, they could find the Xenomorph alien homeworld.

THE FIXER said...

either way, your about to find out in 2011/12