Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Imagesof War/the Death of GeneralMajor Kussin

AFPU photographer Dennis Smith took this photo at the site "where GeneralMajor Kussin had been ambushed in his staff car the previous day..." Kussin was returning to Arnhem when "his citroen staff car bumped into B company of the 3rd Battalion...the front men of...No. 5 Platoon opened fire with stens and rifles, riddling the car with bullets and killing the General, his driver..., and his batmen/interpreter...

While Smith was there taking his pictures, someone for some reason decided to pull the two corpses in the front seat out of the car. Though this picture has been published countless times, no one has ever commented on the ugly image of war which this photo clearly shows, namely that the General has been scalped 'indian-style'. Note also that his badges of rank have been removed from his collar." (aswell as most of his buttons).

p.299 'Operation Market-Garden, Then and Now", vol.1., After the Battle, 2002

Ed. by Karel Margry

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