Friday, 13 July 2007

Updated critical media resources

True to my treatment of this blog as mostly an echo chamber, scrap/note book, have come across the following rare items, essential for anyone wishing to develop as a critical theorist of media studies.
Indispensable video footage of Raymond Williams can be purchased through:

The Roland Collection of Films and Video on Art
Writers Talk: Ideas of Our Time
Raymond Williams
ColorRecommended audience age range 15-adult

Automatic translation by Systran
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with Michael Ignatieff
Being a socialist novelist
Using a historical canvas
Cultural influence on consciousness
History's entanglement with the psyche
Themes of betrayal

Themes of betrayal

Click here to watch a free clipThe full film is now available for stream or download via Pay Per View from the new website at - fast internet connection required.

Institute of Contemporary Arts 51 minutes

After all that excitement, head over to the following excellent resources (I've just added a link on Acheron's sidebar).

from the previous link I discovered the "Challenging Media" series of excellent docos produced by the Media Education Foundation [on the politics of representation].

Here is the blurb for one of the most interesting sounding titles, "Behind the screens":

"Hollywood movies are rapidly becoming vehicles for the ulterior marketing and advertising motives of studios and their owners, rather than entertainment in their own right. Behind the Screens explores this trend toward "hypercommercialism" through phenomena such as product placement, tie-ins, merchandising and cross-promotions. It combines multiple examples taken directly from the movies with incisive interviews provided by film scholars, cultural critics, political economists, and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter."

Excerpts from some of their titles are available on

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