Sunday, 29 July 2007

"I'm spending all my time
Driving 'round, faking clever
With a girl who seems alright
And another one who's better..."

I've just discovered one of my all time favorite music clips on YouTube - "Unsent Letter" by Machine Gun Fellatio. I can't think of another clip where the visual track is so completely removed from the world expressed by the lyrics. Or rather distorted "correspondences" that belie what is being retold - the visual "re-telling" of male trauma through the manipulation of female bodies to simulate an injured self (pre-arranged via a phone call like a sexual transaction) in an attempt to recreate the absent presence of a lover's body while the lyrics banally catalogue the recycled longings issuing from the throes of "lost love". And what better visual theme for an Australian love song is there than to represent the remains of that quintessential event within the Australian landscape - the car accident.

So I'm hangin' on your line
Thought we could speak together
Don't know what it is with you
You seem gone forever

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