Saturday, 7 July 2007

Report on the Precariat

As explained in my rationale for creating this blog, due to the age of my pc, more often than not it's easier for me to post here stuff emailed to me so I can read download it at greater speed on the public library terminals (which block me from opening emails with attachments). I'm hoping that my good friend who sent me this stuff will soon be coming on board and posting on this site (extending to his early research on the cultural significance of xenomorphs). In any case, here are some disturbing reports about living conditions under "sim capital", as Cybermarx would probably describe it.
Recently a class of young poor people who live in manga cafes and cheap hotels is becoming increasing common in Japan. Most of these day laborers are registered employees of outplacement service companies. These young workers would go anywhere their job requires them to. While their actual life is the same as a daily worker from the last decades, they live their lives in loneliness without any companionship.
Internet cafe survey to gauge working poor

The labor ministry will conduct its first survey ever on the living conditions of day laborers with no fixed residence who stay at Internet cafes overnight, ministry officials said Thursday.
Precarious workers and the cyber-homeless - Mayday march in Japan
'Freeters' rally for better wages
Abe's policies hit for widening gap between rich, poor
Temporary workers known as "freeters" and other dissatisfied laborers gathered Monday in Tokyo to demand a better work environment and higher wages, arguing government policies have caused many of them to settle for low-paying jobs and an unsteady life.

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