Monday, 14 November 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street? 4 Reasons.

My advice would be to avoid like the plague the kind of "analysis" offered in online forums such as Spiked! I don't think Frank Furedi has written anything insightful or fresh in the last ten years or so when examining social movements. He ALWAYS says their appeal is predicated merely on "moral authority". That criticism is so lazy because it merely obfuscates the differences between movements by refusing to engage with any concrete proposals on their own terms.

As an antidote, I recommend taking a look at the following video, which clearly sets out four reasons why Wall Street should be occupied. It also demonstrates the missed opportunities in the past when there was a chance to act in a pre-emptive fashion, and thereby avoid, or at least minimize, the catastrophe that has unfolded. Of course, regulation alone will never be a solution to the problems capitalism creates, but as a prelude to the "Great Emancipation", the social democratic reforms in the video have considerable merit.

Marx was a realist; the real romantics think you can have capitalism without great crisis:

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