Monday, 21 November 2011

" if he's dousing bugs with insecticide"

Thanks for your excellent series of posts, derridata. I hope you're avoiding Spiked, which is running pathetic pieces comparing Occupy to the Tea Party!! Is Occupy the product of astroturfing funded by the Koch brothers? Uh, no, so there's really no comparison--but you'd never know that if you relied on Spiked.

Anyway, you've probably run across this latest atrocity, which reinforces the point of your post about paramilitary policing techniques:

"At the University of California at Davis this afternoon, police tore down down the tents of students inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, and arrested those who stood in their way. Others peacefully demanded that police release the arrested.

In the video, you see a police officer [Update: UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike] walk down a line of those young people seated quietly on the ground in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience, and spray them all with pepper spray at very close range. He is clearing a path for fellow officers to walk through and arrest more students, but it's as if he's dousing a row of bugs with insecticide.

Wayne Tilcock of the Davis-Enterprise newspaper has a gallery of photographs from the incident, including the image thumbnailed above (larger size at Ten people in this scene were arrested, nine of whom were current UC Davis students. At least one woman is reported to have been taken away in an ambulance with chemical burns.

This 8-minute video was uploaded just a few hours ago, and has already become something of an iconic, viral emblem accross the web. We're flooded with eyewitness footage from OWS protests right now, but this one certainly feels like an important one, in part because of what the crowd does after the kids are pepper-sprayed. Watch the whole thing."

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