Saturday, 2 August 2008

Title Music

As promised, here is a change of pace, documenting a recent visit to Title Music in Surry Hills. The proprietor, Steve, is a real character, and moreover, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

If it sounds a bit like I'm spruiking on his behalf, well it's only because I want to (Steve didn't ask me to), and I think between Title and Red Eye Records, I can be pretty much guaranteed of finding most of what I'm after in the way of cds, dvds, and books. Title is also a distributor of the ECM catalogue, so this is a good indicator of how you can rest assured that there is a wide range of music available.
I couldn't load Acheron LV-426 this morning for some reason, so I'm hoping this will go through ok. One more thing about Title though, its web presence is not consistently updated, but should still be checked out by those thinking of paying a visit (or placing an order).
Steve told us an amusing anecdote about Baz Luhrmann, who has been a frequent visitor of late on Saturdays. The director is apparently wrapping up post-production on his latest epic, Australia, which stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Luhrmann will come into the store and request, for example, every silent film in stock, or any films with combat scenes, or a particular form of lighting. Other than attesting to the power to indulge personal whims, I figure this anecdote tells us something as well about how significant editing is to the success of a film, in addition to the digitisation of cinema previously mentioned on this blog with reference to Matt Hanson.

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