Friday, 26 October 2007

The Hanging Cemetery of Baghdad

Nannette Jackowski and Ricardo O. C. de Ostos once proposed “a gigantic presence of a hanging funeral structure” that will hover above the war torn streets of Baghdad, floating unceasingly “from bright explosive mornings to airless night hours,” and lush with growth from an endless supply of dead Iraqis.

“Day by day, nearly hourly, it updates its assimilating heavy stocks, a statistic of a hundred thousand Iraqi corpses or maybe twenty five thousand.”

"The Hanging Cemetery is a speculative project of architecture. Since its sketchy inception dating back to the summer of 2004 to today. We intend to explore what architecture could generate when faced with extreme cultural and political scenarious like the current crises in the Middle East. As with the rest of our work, the focus of the project is less in the form of a final object than as a script that it inserts into the city.

"The main driving force was to consistently explore through an inventive design proposal the ambiguities that surround our current lives, not only as social producers of space but also as global spectators."

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