Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World

Shinji: What? The world with nothing. The world with nobody.

Shinji: The world of freedom.

Shinji: Freedom?

Shinji: The world of freedom that would never be restrained by anybody.

Shinji: Is this Freedom?

Shinji: Yes. The world of freedom.

Rei: As the result, there's nothing.

Shinji: unless I think.

Misato: Yes, unless you think.

Shinji: What's the hell! I don't know what I should do.

Rei: You are uneasy.

Asuka: You don't have your own image.

Shinji: Too vague.

Misato: Everything is vague.That's freedom.

Ryouji: The world that you can do anything you like.

Misato: Yet, you are uneasy.

Fuyutsuki: Don't you know what you should do.

Shinji: What shall I do?

Gendou: I give you an unfreedom.

Asuka: Now that you have top and bottom.

Rei: Now that you lost one degree of freedom.

Misato: Now that you have to stand on the bottom.

Ryouji: But you obtain a comfort.

Makoto: You get slightly easier in your mind.

Shigeru: And you walk.

Maya: That is your will.

Shinji: Is this my will?

Ritsuko: The world with the bottom is the world surrounding you.

Touji: Yet, you can move freely.

Kensuke: If you wish, you can change the position of the world.

Hikari: The position of the world does not keep the same position.

Ryouji: That changes through the time flow.

Fuyutsuki: You can also change.

Gendou: The things that forms you are your own mind and the world surrounding yourself.

Ritsuko: Since this is your own world.

Misato: The real figure that you conceive.That is the reality.

Shinji: This is the world with nothing, the space with nothing,the world with nothing.The world with nothing but me.I am getting less understand myself.I feel as if I am going to disappear.My existence is fading away.Why?

Misato: Because there's nobody but you.

Shinji: Nobody but me?

Misato: Because you have no existence but of yourself,You can't figure out your own shape.

Shinji: My shape?My image.

Misato: Yes. You are getting to know your own shape through seeing others' shape.

Asuka: Seeing others' wall, you imagine yourself.

Rei: You cannot see yourself unless there are others.

Shinji: Because there are others, I can exist.If alone, I am always alone at anywhere.The world is entirely by my ..

Misato: By cognizing the difference between you and others,you form the image of yourself.

Rei: The very first other person is your mother.

Asuka: Your mother is a different person from you.

Shinji: Yes. I am I. Yet, it's true that others form the shape of my mind.

Misato: That's right, Ikari Shinji-kun.

Asuka: Too slow to understand.

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