Friday, 23 December 2011

Prometheus (official high-definition trailer)

I was online last night and saw how fans were counting down in "real time" till the official release of the first trailer. As you can see from the poster, as per the first film, a "big dumb object" (to use Peter Nicholl's term) features prominently. While  it's pleasing to see some evidence of continuity, there may also be a real danger of moving quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous: have a close look at the trailer below, and be sure to freeze it at around 44 seconds in. If you look to the right, very closely, you'll see a humanoid figure who resembles the enormous head in the poster. I really hope then that the Space Jockeys don't prove to be a race that resembles the silly Cenobites from the Hellraiser films (or that other similarly nattily attired villain in Dark City).

To be fair though, I don't have much to go on yet, so I should probably wait till next August before passing judgement. I'm going to be taking in some new material, not specifically related to this film, over the course of the next few days; hopefully it might inspire me to drop in here again to post something about the kind of horror I'd like to eventually see in a science fiction film.

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