Monday, 15 August 2011

Please help raise funds for the documentary "Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement"

Some time ago I posted a trailer for the upcoming documentary, Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement. Regan Brashear has a fund raising campaign going to help finish her project, and I urge anyone reading this to make a contribution as soon as possible. There are only 16 days to go and thus far only $16, 000 of the required $25, 000 goal has been pledged. If you want to find out how to get involved, simply head on over here, where you can find out more about Regan's motivations for making the documentary, along with the wide range of cool rewards on offer.

You can also learn more about the three remarkable people featured in the film, one of whom, Gregor Wolbring, has just sent me some links to important open access material:

Here a blog piece I did  recently to really highlight  that I see ableism as a gift from the disabled people rights community and the academic field of disability studies to the rest of academia and the world.

Ableism and Energy Security and Insecurity might also interest you

ALSO have a look at this
and especially the trailer FIXED where I explain Ableism (Thanks Gregor, but should mention this last link was inactive when I tried).

In a more speculative vein, here is one of the latest examples of how pop bioethics touches on the issues surrounding human enhancement:

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