Friday, 29 October 2010

A belated tribute to "The Jobless Juris Doctor"

Alas, the blog of that name is now moribund (he's looking for work fulltime so had to ditch blogging commitments). I never got round to linking to his provocative post, "Students Pay So Professors Can Play". To make up for this blunder, I'm posting two clips in the same embittered spirit as the musings of the Juris Doctor. They too leave no doubt that there are a lot of bright, tragically disadvantaged people out there, so it makes me wonder how we ever let things get to this. Downward mobility and stagnation are the names of this game. I guess it will continue so long as we don't have a meritocracy. Kudos to Derridata for the humanities clip featured here. Be sure to watch "Rich People Things" if you're wondering where the class resistance to a true meritocracy is coming from.

As for me, I have another PhD to finish by next week, so as Lou Reed once said, "I have got obligations to keep/so be very careful when you speak/don't talk to me about work/up to my eyeballs in dirt/with work.

Anyway, these are the best videos I've seen since the Glenn Beck/Donald Duck masterpiece.

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JJD said...

thanks for the tribute, made my day. I put the blog back up today. The post you mentioned is there. Enjoy and thanks. JJD