Saturday, 30 January 2010

VIRTUOUS WAR 2.0: Mapping the MIME-NET

Technology in the service of virtue has given rise to a global form of virtual violence: Virtuous War. In the 21st century, The MIME-NET has become the 'fifth-dimension' of U.S. hegemony. Fought in the same manner they are represented through real-time global surveillance, media dissimulation, and network-centric warfare, virtuous war deters, disciplines and destroys the "enemy" at a distance. An all-too-real matrix MIME-NET, seamlessly merges the production, representation, and execution of war. We learn how to kill but not take responsibility for it; we encounter 'death' but not its tragic consequences; we now face not just the confusion but the pixilation of war and game on the same screen.

This is a video trailer for 'Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial Media Entertainment Network' by James Der Derian. Updating the first edition published in June, 2001 with four new chapters chronicling the events after 9/11, Virtuous War traces the rise of parallel dreams of a "Revolution in Military Affairs" and a virtual inter-war that converged, like tracks in the distance, into nightmares in Iraq and Afghanistan. Virtuous War takes the reader on a journey through deserts real and virtual to find the ghosts in the 21st century war-machine: The Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network MIME-NET.

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"In times of terror, when everyone is something of a conspirator, everybody will be in a position where he has to play detective."
-Walter Benjamin

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