Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My heretical thoughts for today

I am a bonafide cat lover, and Zeus is in the veterinary hospital today, so in his absence I will pay tribute by dispelling a few misconceptions thanks to The Pinky Show:

Q: Is making animated episodes the only kind of work you cats do?
A: No, actually we do lots of other things too, thank you for asking! The Pinky Show is a multi-aspect educational project - our activities also include the production of site-specific art, collaborating on community-based education and media activism projects, maintaining a fact sheet library, organizing online cultural programming, blogging, and some other stuff. Contrary to popular misconceptions, cats are really hard working! The form is always changing, but our goals remain the same.

Q: What is The Pinky Show?
A: The Pinky Show is the original super lo-tech hand-drawn educational TV show. We focus on information & ideas that have been misrepresented, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion. Pinky presents and analyzes the material in an informal, easy-to-understand way, with helpful illustrations that she draws herself. Episodes are available on the internet for free at www.PinkyShow.org.

Derridata, thanks for the tip off about Mutually Occluded. I can't comment here on whether Pinky's reflections on institutionalization and productivity dovetail with that in any way, or are more exclusively along the lines of Ivan Illich and Andre Gorz. Here's an indicator though of why a search engine society may not be a happy alternative.

If you think that is difficult to work out, try getting your head around the choice of imagery by AIDS activists in Germany:

Unfortunately I can't find Juan Davila's Stupid As a Painter to do a comparison, but I have it on good authority that Kerry Stokes bought that particular work. Oh the irony, it is so appalling....

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