Monday, 20 July 2009

Genetic Capitalism

I'm awaiting arrival of some very bloggable material in the next week or so that can help me expand on some of the issues raised in the "Chilling out in the cities of the dead" post. Oftentimes it seems the ideologies on the dark ambient scene dovetail with the biosocial agenda of "the pure society". Lenin's Tomb provides a useful introduction to the more general historical backdrop here, and one can read between the lines how it was taken up in the dark ambient and other affiliated musical scenes. For the moment though I'm too tied up with my professional editing commitments to elaborate on what such a reading might entail, so I'll just add here that some of the related material I've come across recently has shocked me, and it is just begging for a critical response on this blog.

The Pure Society certainly looks fascinating, but I recommend first revisiting the interview with Professor Steve Fuller conducted on this blog regarding his book Dissent Over Descent to help set a context for how "Nazi excesses do not undermine" the more avowedly sociological contributions to this important debate. Even further back in the archives, I also recommend having another look at Fred Vandenberghe's paper on the biological ramifications of the new capitalism (it was delivered at a conference in Brisbane a few years back, and I asked him to send me a copy).

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