Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Metal Monsters Storm Bangkok's MBK Centre

I'm on holiday at the moment so haven't had much time to check in at the blog. I was startled to encounter these astonishing metal figurines as I wandered through an enormous mall to escape the oppressive outside heat. I asked the guy in the shop if it was possible to take some photos and he pointed sagely to the "No Photos Permitted" sign, so I had to discreetly use the zoom lens from as far away as possible. One of these pics didn't use the flash, as I didn't want to be too obvious, but the loss of clarity in that case made me switch it back on for the better shot.

There's probably a whole cluster of issues to unpack here with regard to the "glocalization" of monsters, as they appear here in a Bangkok shopping mall....but I was equally fascinated to hear the owner's account of how they will ship these works to your home country, as they can't be disassembled, and they weigh in at over 200 kilos, and stand at more than 250cm tall- as for cost, prohibitively expensive, as you can well imagine. There were a whole bunch of xenomorphs on display as well but they were hidden within the (to use an appropriately biomorphic horror metaphor) bowels of the shop, and hence safe from the camera's prying eye. Damn...

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