Saturday, 27 December 2008

"So cash your cheques. Punch your tickets. Redeem your coupons. The time for partyin' is done..."

Mr V.O. Real - Balls In the Great Meat Grinder

Matt Heckert(of Survival Research Labs)- Untitled

from The Birth of Tragedy Magazine's FEAR POWER GOD

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NHuthnance said...

Wonderful stuff derridata; this brings the memories flooding back (early 90s I think). I remember trying to find it before, with no luck.
From the same period, I'm sure you remember Alice Donut's "Testosterone gone wild". I think, along with Mr VO Real, it would also be great to cut Tom Cruise footage to this song:

"Rednecks in pick-up trucks
Make a right on red
Smash a 2 x 4 across my brain
Nixon's children, tattooed frenzy
Hurricane of blood
I hear somebody say "it's Miller time"
Are these fucks for real?

It's almost real & it's all for you

A locker room is in my veins
My country's brainwashed by the
Gym coach Ton Ton Macoute
Macho horsecock, Rambo bloodlust, plain stupidity
Testosterone gone wild
I'm getting so sick and fed up

It's almost real & it's all for you

I get delusions of grandeur all the time
I took quite a blow to the head
Your fat children get religion; now they follow me
The freaks have finally risen up
Your way of life is totally over

It's almost real & it's all for you

I get visions. My finger's in your daughter, and
I'm buggering your son full of the ugly truth.

It's almost real & it's all for you

Nothing will be left"