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Application No.: 60470203
Full size fully articulated doll with selectively displayed alterative faces

The invention claimed is:

1. A figure toy amusement device comprising: an articulated skeleton having a plurality of rigid members with movable joints between adjacent rigid members largely encased in relatively soft, resilient material presenting an exterior form possessing the size and appearance of a human female including: a head, a face mask removably attachable by means of fastening components to said head, a torso, and a pair of arms and legs each movably attached to said torso; said movable joints between adjacent rigid members enabling a range of motion approximating that of a human's permitting movement: of each said arm and each said leg with respect to said torso, of an upper portion of said arm with respect to a lower portion of said arm, and an upper portion of said leg with respect to a lower portion of said leg; said head possessing a simulated skull and also being movable with respect to said torso through an articulated neck and possessing: attachment means for a wig, a jaw movable with respect to said simulated skull, and a mouth lined with a smooth membrane and having a fluid receptacle located there behind; said face mask possessing lips, chin, nose, cheeks, eye sockets, and eyebrows all molded in an integral piece of soft resilient flexible material separate from said head and providing a verisimilitude of a female human face for said head in attached disposition thereon; said torso possessing a bosom possessing human verisimilitude in shape and feel and a vulva located between said two legs lined with a smooth membrane and having a fluid receptacle located there behind; whereby a wig attached to said head with said attachment means for a wig, artificial eyeballs located in said eye sockets, and said face mask attached to said head provide a full sized fully articulate doll with selectively displayed alternate faces and visual, postural, and palpable verisimilitude with a female human figure.

Full size fully articulated doll with selectively displayed alterative faces
United States Patent Office
Filed: October 15, 2003

Love Me, Love My Doll

Holt, N. (Dir.), 2007. Guys and Dolls. [Online Video]. United Kingdom: North One Television

"Still Lovers"
Elena Dorfman

"The previously mentioned US Patent of a Realdoll communicates the ostensibly detached and scientific nature of this innovative device. However, a brief examination of the experiences of men who own female reproductions will illustrate that these relations have (for some) developed from those of pure sexual satisfaction to the fulfillment of a larger need for social interaction. This simultaneously eschews the inevitable complications of true human contact while maintaining the semblance of (usually) monogamous partnerships over which the man has ultimate control. There is “Dave-Cat” for example, a 32 year old man from Detroit whose Realdoll is named “Sidore.” She is a Japanese-British goth who is “beautiful, loyal [and] a great listener”- everything Dave is looking for in a woman. Sidore has her own MySpace page which explains she is “in a relationship” with Dave, has completed some college and has 70 friends online. Everhard, a 49 year old man from Britain, owns several Realdolls. They have their own personalities (although each face does not have its own body, they are easily exchanged) and he frequently takes “family photos” when they go out. Everhard dresses and makes-up his dolls; he awakens them by changing their faces to ones with open eyes and perfumes them, noting that one of his dolls, Virginia “just lies there - she’s very static”. Another doll owner, Gordon (38 years old and from Virginia) ordered a second replica of a woman in order to keep his first doll from becoming lonely and hopes that when he dies they will be buried with him so that “we can all turn to dust together”. Admittedly, it is unlikely that these cases are indicative of the types of relationships which all Realdoll owners have with their sex toys. It is a fair assumption, however, that these extremes can be used to construct an idea of what Realdoll ownership entails. One online community of doll possessors is a “labyrinthine cyber haven for sex-doll enthusiasts with nearly 12 000 members and thousands of photographs and message strands”. The dolls are frequently kept warm with electric blankets to approximate human sensations and it would seem there are definite attempts to anthropomorphise them. When the dolls require repair, they are sent to a Realdoll Doctor who does everything from tightening limbs to replacing vaginas. He notes that these repairs are customary and that “sex is a violent act, but the dolls can handle it, they’re made for abuse”. The base-model of the doll costs US$ 6500 (with personalisation adding to that figure) and men see purchasing one as an investment. This female ownership goes beyond the fulfillment of sexual needs (which could be accomplished with a cheaper sexual aide or through prostitution) and instead indicates a desire to satisfy a deeper need for companionship."

"Marxxxist Alienation: Sexual Anthropomorphism of Realdolls™ and Construction of Man"
By Elizabeth Record • March 18th, 2008
Cultural Shifts

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL (official trailer)

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