Thursday, 27 September 2007

Execution of two gay teens in Iran spurs controversy

Execution of two gay teens in Iran spurs controversy


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BaddBoyFilms_Spark310 said...

Well, Stupid , In American Allied and COUNTRIES who support America (Other than your Iranian HATER & Greedy Country) WE don't kill our children and then go online to BRAGG about it the world whom reads the Web. Plus, America Has Class, Americans allow Iranian Gays into this Country under Legal entrances, Oh, Back in the 1970's-1980s when Iran was going to murder their own Shaw, and the Americans took him into our Beverly Hills to keep him protected from your Politically insane Country. All I ever read about in Iranian News is how Iranians there are either A. Killing people for fun and games, B. to murder Americans and demand MONEY, C. WAR with whoever they can start one with , gotta always be proving themselves with other countries. Keep you Oil! Off Shore California has the riches reserves of oil in the entire world, More than even Iran. So you think killing two Gay Teen Boys is going to do what? Keep your country on a list of being the most feared country to what any tourist to come to to visit and vacation and spend otter country monies inside your country. When your oil runs out, what are you going to do with all of your enemies you have created in the past 200 years? When America finally drills for oil off our California Coast and Takes all of your Iranian Oil Market Clients from you, for a lesser price per barrel, to buy from the USA instead, then what will you Iranians in Iran do then ? So Keep your gays, you treat women like shit, you men there are so outdated and old fashioned that you have no idea what life is really all about! GREED + Murdering Teens in Iran, does not make your wrongs Right. You Iranians in Iran are SICK IN YOUR HEADS !! My Father owns a City there called Abbadon, Not quit big as Terran But almost. We Own that Land, and all of it. My Father does. You think about that, in your country and Stop Comparing. People who were born in Iran and leaf to live in the United States Legally, Back in the 1950's - 1980's who now obtained legal U.S. Citizenship, Trust US, They gringe at the thought of ever re-entering IRAN again, not even for a visit. IT IS HELL . Beautiful countryside But the King in power who runs to the country there, Uncool is an under statement, GREEDY should pretty much hit it right on the money. So, For Gay Iranians, If you are in Iran, and you are gay, Just come live in America because there are so many laws that make you safe here, in America, that no one will mess with you or even tease you about your sexuality. There are Hundreds of Thousands of Gay Persian/Iranians Living all throughout America Now ! They are free and happy and our President doesn't Murder people for being Gay. NEVER ! Oh, and Our Governments never hang Children in public . Our Government never Kills Children so if you are a teen, and you are gay, just come to America with your family or a School or Church and Jam when you get over the Boarder if you think you will become in danger from your country for being gay, If you are not gay, and you are here illegally, then you are not protected by Our U.S.A. Government.