Friday, 31 August 2007

Perforations: Special Issue on "Hauntology"

Perhaps k punk has talked about this on his site, but I hadn't heard of it until some random googling brought it my way. I cannot yet vouch for the theoretical approaches adopted in the individual essays, but I can say, from an initial inspection, the collection looks very promising. It will be interesting to find out though if the contributors deem fit to mention Avery Gordon's earlier sociological study Ghostly Matters. In any case, k punk discusses the space of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, while other essays ruminate on topics as diverse as David Lynch's Inland Empire, the legacy of Joy Division, and the christification and commodification of Che Guevara (includes streaming audio and video).

Hauntologies, or Spectral SpaceCall for Submissions

"This issue of Perforations asks for informed speculations in art, literature, architecture, and aesthetics concerning the ethereal others which are never quite present or absent : including uncanny presences outside the frame of representation, anamorphic blurs of concepts or images; leaking, stained, or spectral spaces, disappearing figures or soluble identities; of all that sometimes works like miasmas, pneumas, and vapors; and all possible manifestations of specters (real or imaginary). This includes speculative revenants of repetitions of all sort including catastrophic trauma (the spectral delays/deferrals of Freudian 'nachtraglichkeit') as well as any embeddings of notions of 'eternal return,' as having hauntological portent for communities and thought to come.
In its entirety, the issue seeks to selectively map an ephemeral cartography (a haunto-topography) of the range of barely discernible ghosts, these "ontological specks" or "pathological kernels", that traverse the instrumental Cartesian worldview of "clear and distinct" entities. Authors are asked to chase and capture the multiple potential meanings and effects of their favorite ontological spectre".

----------------------------------------- Formed in 1991 to examine issues of theory, art, culture and community in a saturated age of technical media, Perforations is perhaps the longest continuously running journal on-line.
The call for perforations 30, HUT TECH, will be released soon.

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